Herr Konrad presents juggling and comedy:

A solo entertainer at it's best. His show, the Words And Deeds Of Herr Konrad  is a unique mixture of intelligent comedy and high class artistic skills.
What ever you have to celebrate: Herr Konrad makes the audience laughing and astonishing.
With the charismatic attidude of an accountant, Herr Konrad presents imaginative high-speed-juggling, synchronized in time to music and sound-effects. Curious poetry and furious comedy and a unicycle-act joint with a unique cyclone of intelligent humour combined with singing and acting collapsing into a splendid spectacle.
You can book just one act or a whole show, within 5 and 45 minutes everything is possible. And the show can be presented in german, in english, in french, in italian and even in polish language.

This english version of my website is still under construction. All the other menues aren't yet translated, so they're available in german only for the moment, but to enjoy the videos, you don't need to understand german (at least the balls-act, called "Gib Gummi!" and the clubs-act, called "Herr Konrad's Kegelabend").